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As someone who has stood as a candidate under the Socialist banner I may get shot for saying all this but I agree with the statement that some are born to lead and some are born to follow, and that it isn’t a bad thing. But what I do have a problem with is that those who are leading get more than those who are following. I don’t believe one person should be rewarded more for doing a different job. The managers in the workplace are as important as the people who answer the phones. Both roles are necessary for the running of the business so I don’t see why the managers should be paid more. It is simply a different role that is to be filled by a person who is able to do it.

I’m clearly not a full on communist since I draw the line at Socialism. But even as a Socialist I know that a Socialist or Communist economy won’t work. What Marx drew up was something close to a Utopian society where everyone is free and equal. However in practice we’ve seen that this isn’t the case. Karl Marx drew up the plans for the perfect society but unfortunately no one has been able to fill it with perfect people. State intervention has proved to be a good thing in certain cases such as healthcare and the minimum wage. But the problem is that people can’t be trusted with power. Fidel Castro has done a lot to help the poor in Cuba but he puts down opposing political ideas with force and although he denies owning any wealth he still continues to live lavishly.

People are flawed, and I’m sure you’ve all heard a phrase along the lines of “The fun of the many is always spoilt by the actions of the few.” Unfortunately for you and me the Few are the ones with the power.

The problem is that people don’t realise how Socialist and Communist the UK really can be at times. The things that people would call Communist are the things that our country should be most proud of: the NHS, minimum wage, benefits, and all the other state intervention that has given the poor a chance to get by in this economy which favours the rich.

But I’m still a Socialist because as a Socialist I can continue to fight and support the things that take us closer to a Socialist society even though I know we’ll never get there. But maybe it’s knowing that we will never go the full whack and become a Communist nation that keeps me involved with the Socialists. I might not support them if I thought they were actually in with a chance! But despite that, I still want to keep trying to make us equal.