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Posted: October 23, 2011 in Religion
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There is one word which gets used far too often in today’s society with far too little thought behind it’s meaning. Atheist. Or to be more specific the phrase “I’m an Atheist.” is what gets at me because it’s become ‘cool’ to be an Atheist and so the meaning has been lost.

An Atheist is, in the broad sense, the rejection of the idea that there are deities or any kind of greater being. This could be anything from God to Karma. Almost all of my friends would probably consider themselves Atheists, but let’s face it, there’s a bit of agnostic in all of us. Whether it’s hope or simply curiosity we all want something to believe. So this is the main problem I have with most self-proclaimed Atheists. I could go through all my friends one at a time and they’d each reveal some kind of belief. I have friends that believe in Karma, others that believe in true love, some believe in ghosts and the rest are probably just hoping that death isn’t the end. Or if it is, then at least they hope it will be a nice end with some kind of pat on the back from someone saying “You did good.”

I think that I fit best under the title of an Agnostic Atheist. This simply means that I don’t believe in the existence of a deity but I also believe there is still a lot left to discover in this world and that there is probably a lot that we will never find out because it is beyond our comprehension so I don’t rule out the possibility that there is more to life than we currently know. I see the idea of God as just a quick and easy answer to life’s mysteries. We know so little about our world, and virtually nothing about the universe that it is in, so to come to the conclusion of God just looks to me like giving up on learning.

We can’t see sound and we can’t feel light. We only know radio waves are there because we’ve created technology to show us. The same goes for microwaves, x-rays, gamma rays and all those other rays. There’s a huge list of things that we only know about because we created instruments to harness their power. How much else is happening around our heads right now that we have absolutely no idea about? What other kinds of things are happening in space or on other planets? We don’t know. And that is why Atheism is, to me, just as closed minded as religion.

Before I sign off I’m going to leave you with a question to think about and to bang your heads over. Bring this up with your friends next time your in the pub together and see what crazy places the conversation takes you.

Does it make sense for an Atheist to not believe in something that doesn’t exist?