About Me

So I’m a left wing (ish) young adult with everything to prove and not much to loose.  On my blog you’ll find my thought and opinions of world events, my view of social interactions, philosophical ideas about how things could be better (or worse), and a general bitterness and resentment for people who only choose to look after themselves, especially when it’s at the expense of others.

I’ll tell you about the all best, worst, and the best worst documentaries and films that give you an in sight into the world we don’t always see. I’ll moan about the current political climate, the differences and effects of national level party influence compared to local issues, the way I see people and how I interpret their actions as well as how I think it may affect them or someone else.

If you’re lucky you might get something positive. But I do like to moan a lot so don’t hold your breath for that one.


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